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Very good

I love to learn Russian with this application !!

Nice App

I went to Russia only with this App, and a map. Back home safe (Brazil): no problems at airports, customs, hotels, restaurants. No local travel agents, nothing - me and my basic russian. People are friendly. And, if you try to speak some russian, they will love you!


I love this app, very useful if youre learning Russian

Very Impressive

The perfect app for someone whos trying to learn a new language, I really enjoy learning with it and its really helpful to learn the basic stuff.

Great methods for repetition

There are so many different opportunities to reinforce the vocabulary and pronunciation. A great learning tool!


Good but i wish the pronunciation was in english and not Russian

This app is amazing to learn Russian

This is such a great app... Easy to use and great features! Super worth giving it a try!

Great app!

I really like this app as I can practice my Russian with flash cards and images. There are many ways of learning. Here are a few things I would like on the app though. I would like it if there could be a section only about the alphabet so we can learn and practice the pronunciation of letters so that after we are able to read. It would also be cool if there was a way that the app could listen to what we say to verify if it is the good pronunciation. Like on duo lingo. It would be cool to have a category on the pronunciation of names like Tom, Carrie and such. It would be nice for the categorys to be by alphabetical order that way we can find ourselves easier. But except that I would recommend this app to somebody who is trying to learn Russian!

Russian Learning Made Easy!!

Love this app! Спасибо !!!


The application is easy to use.However it is designed for people who already have knowledge about the language.

Good app to learn the basic of russian

Good app

Not too bad

Wish it was more challenging

Very Good

This app is amazing. It does what its supposed to do.

Great way to learn Russian

This is a great app and great way to learn basic Russian

Good App

This app really helped me understand and memorize the Russian language.


This application helps A lot Thank you So much I really love it

Very nice

It seems better than learn it on YouTube

to learn

very good!

Very good!

A lot of words.


great app! very easy to understand, praticle and great I recommend

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